Peel Public Health has $45M shortfall from pandemic; Brampton debates P3 option for cricket stadium
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Peel Public Health has $45M shortfall from pandemic; Brampton debates P3 option for cricket stadium

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Date: Thursday June 9 at 9:30a.m. | Delegate  | Full agenda  | Watch live


Peel Public Health on the hook for $46.5 million

After back-to-back waves and funneling money into vaccination clinics, signage and public awareness campaigns the Region of Peel was hoping to put most COVID-19 funding needs behind it. A staff report indicates the Region will continue to be impacted by spending to keep residents safe for years to come. Staff hoped the upper tiered governments would have covered all the extra expenses but a shortfall of $46.5 million is still on the books. According to the report the Ministry of Health indicated further funding could be announced this year, but in order for Peel to transition to next steps, the Region is hoping for help now. Staff admit services for certain regional programs will be reduced until 2023. 


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Women and Children Precious Shelter seeking operational funding

During strict lockdowns some suffering in homes feared for their lives. Intimate partner violence increased dramatically along with intimate partner homicide in Peel. Shelters designed specifically for women and children provide a safe opportunity to flee abusive relationships. The Women and Children Precious Shelter works with hospitals, Peel Regional Police and other social services providing transitional housing and mental health care to protect families from further harm. The group is asking for funding to help pay employees providing crucial support. 


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Audit and risk committee study finding brought to council:

Climate change impacts how goods are moved across Ontario. A presentation at Regional Council lays out the risks a warming planet could have on goods movement in Peel, a source of 43 percent of jobs in the Region. The study began in 2019 and set out to understand what portions of the sector are vulnerable to climate change. Some impacts to the industry include extreme precipitation, intense heat and rapid freeze-thaw cycles. According to the presentation, updating roads, planning alternative routes in case of emergencies and investing in stormwater systems are all ways the Region can ensure goods continue to move within and through Peel.

View the presentation here.  


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Staff bring water bill relief program to council

It’s not uncommon for residents to delegate to council following a higher than normal water bill in the mail. Staff have been busy developing a program so residents can have an easier method to dispute their bills. 

Read the staff report here.


Special Council Meeting

Date: Tuesday, June 7 at 4:00 p.m. | Delegate | Full agenda | Watch live


Councillors to fill seat left vacant by Charmaine Williams; scope of audit around Brampton U

A special meeting has been called by Brampton city council to fill the seat left vacant by councillor Charmaine Williams, who won her bid to become MPP for Brampton Centre on June 2. Also during the meeting, councillors will discuss the audit into the controversial BramptonU project, as well as other potential items for investigation, including: Legal Risk Assurance, the appointment of the previous Integrity Commissioner, the Municipal Development Corporation, and COVID rapid tests purchased by the City of Brampton and masks sent to residents.


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Date: Wednesday June 8 at 9:30 a.m. | Delegate | Full agenda | Watch live


Developers approach Council to create cricket stadium

A group of organizations are presenting to Brampton Council in hopes of entering into a private-public-partnership (P3) with the City. An international cricket stadium was promised four years ago by Patrick Brown who claimed it would be built by now, one of the many pledges ignored in his budgets. Formed from Cosmos Sports & Entertainment, Stafford Sports, Positive Impact and Cricket Canada, the group hopes to construct the stadium in time for the 2024 World Cup. A staff report on the agenda speaks to some concerns and complications with P3s and the next steps. 


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Group advocates to lessen plastic consumption with new strategy:

EcoTank, an organization based in Orangeville, wants Brampton to be the next municipality to invest in their products which the company says will lower plastic consumption. 

More information can be found in EcoTank’s presentation here



Date: Wednesday June 8 at 9:30 a.m.  Delegate | Full agenda | Watch live 


Councillors to discuss Ron Starr injunction application in-camera:

On Wednesday, councillors will discuss the legal injunction application filed by Councillor Ron Starr. Last week the City learned Councillor Starr filed an injunction against integrity commissioner Robert Swayze. If approved, the injunction would block Swayze’s report about Starr—relating to whether he violated the City’s Code of Conduct. Former councillor Karen Ras told media in February she believed Starr allegedly was behind the repeated vandalism of her vehicle in the City Hall parking lot. On June 6, Starr released a statement denying the allegations against him.  


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Mississauga Food Bank looking for new facility

A delegation by the Mississauga Food Bank’s Chief Executive Officer on Wednesday will likely detail how the need for the organization’s critical service has increased over the last two years. Each year the organization feeds thousands of Peel households and individuals who need some extra assistance getting by. Details of the new location and the project will likely be updated in the future.


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Student Learning, Well-Being & Equity Committee

Date: Wednesday June 8 at 5:30 p.m. Delegate | Full agenda | Watch live


School board makes small progress on binding ministerial directive:

After the Minister of Education was forced to step in to oversee the board's commitment to addressing systemic racism, the Peel District School Board has been forced to implement a number of changes in order to fix a system that has been harming Black and other racialized students for years. Directive 10 asks PDSB to hire a Superintendent of Equity who heads the Equity Office and implements an Equity Action Plan. The board established the office and is now starting to hire employees. In an updated report, staff explain continued hiring is occurring and those that have been hired should receive ongoing professional learning. The Equity Office will launch in September 2022. 


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Board of Directors Meeting

Date: Friday June 10 at 9:30 a.m. Delegate | Agenda | Watch live


Construction starts on pedestrian bridge in Caledon

A bridge in the Upper Credit Conservation Area’s Safari Parcel (near the Village of Alton) is in need of repairs. The Credit Valley Conservation (CVC) Authority was successful in applying to the Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program which covers about 73 percent of the $274,335 contract for construction. Work will begin July 18 and last approximately 40 days.



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