Privacy Policy

The following serves as The Pointer’s current Privacy Policy as of September, 2018.

The Pointer collects no personal information from any subscriber or anyone else outside of the organization for any use by a third party. A third party vendor that administers subscription accounts and payments may collect personal identifying information. The Pointer has no access to any of the information exchanged between subscribers and the third party vendor.   

Subscribers may explicitly give their consent to provide some personal information for future uses, such as newsletters, public events and other email or online activities that The Pointer may be involved with. The third party vendor used for The Pointer’s subscription service will collect some necessary personal information in order to fulfill the service. The Pointer has no involvement in the transaction between the third party and the subscriber. 
The Pointer in no way provides any personal information of its subscribers to any third party.

What is not covered by this Policy:

  • Information that is not personally identifiable such as type of browser or operating system you are using, your network, our web pages you have visited, other web pages you have visited before and after visiting ours, type of device, general location information and other similar types of anonymous or de-identified information may be collected and used by us and third parties.
  • Aggregate data that cannot be associated with a specific person, such as demographic statistics about The Pointer’s subscribers, or number of visitors and average time spent on website.
  • Personal Information for Editorial Purposes – As you may expect, information collected for editorial purposes, whether or not it is considered “personal” is exempt from the requirements of Canadian law and is not covered by this policy.  Business contact information including the name, title, business address and telephone number of an employee of an organization, publicly available information such as an individual’s name and address when listed in or made available through a directory, or any other information or circumstance that falls outside the scope of or is exempted by applicable privacy legislation. 

Subscribers will have to provide some personal information such as first name, last name email and home address for the registration of their account. The Pointer will not use any subscriber’s personal information, other than to set up, register and maintain their account. 

The Pointer will require personal information to identify all those submitting original user content so that The Pointer can verify that individuals attempting to submit original content are who they say they are. All user content that is published or broadcast by The Pointer will include the name of the individual who has submitted the content for publication or broadcast.