Brampton faces pressure to move away from sprawl in new plan; Mississauga addresses major issues for future growth
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Brampton faces pressure to move away from sprawl in new plan; Mississauga addresses major issues for future growth

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City Council

Date: November 1 - 9:30 a.m. | Delegate | Full agenda | Watch live


Approval of new Official Plan

Councillors are set to approve the plan that will guide the growth of Brampton for the next three decades. Labelled “The Brampton Plan” states the strategy will guide Brampton through the development of its remaining greenfield land, into the necessary infill and intensification required to house the influx of residents arriving in the city. 

“First generation growth in Brampton can largely be characterized by low-density, auto-oriented, sprawling developments. Things are rapidly changing,” the document states. “With a new wave of urban revitalization bringing about higher density infill and opportunities will be created to design compact and complete 15-minute neighbourhoods – where residents are able to undertake most of their daily needs within a 15-minute walk or short bicycle ride. Brampton Plan will focus on improving livability, quality of life and place-quality within the city.”

The full plan can be viewed here


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Planning and Development

Date: November 6 - 9:30 a.m. | Delegate | Full agenda | Watch live


Tower cluster begins development 

A rezoning application will come before Brampton’s Planning and Development Committee to permit the construction of two towering condo buildings — 45 and 50 storeys — at 137 Steeles Avenue West. If approved, the development, which could bring 1,147 residential units to one of Brampton’s Major Transit Station Areas, will be completed in phases to ensure adequate infrastructure is available to support the intensification and traffic impacts are studied and mitigated. 

The staff report on the project can be found here.

A rendering of the towers can be viewed here


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General Committee

Date: November 1 – 9:30 a.m. | Delegate | Full agenda | Watch live


Departments plan for the future

A number of City department heads will appear before councillors Wednesday to discuss draft plans for “future directions” in the areas of recreation, libraries, fire services, culture and parks. 

These documents outline goals and projections for each department over a 10-year period and are updated every five years.

Plans for the City’s recreation department include a new community centre in Cooksville; redevelopment of the Mississauga Valley Community Centre; study and redevelopment of the city’s aging ice rinks; and demolition of the Cawthra Pool and Glenforest Pool (once replacements at Burnhamthorpe Community Centre and Carmen Corbasson Community Centre are completed) among others. 

In the City’s Future Directions Culture Plan, priority is being placed on a “cultural district plan” for the Lakeview neighbourhood; improvements and additions to public art around Mississauga; the creation of a centralized space to promote local art; and the creation of a Reconciliation Plan
“​​that provides policy and protocol related to the relationships and rights with the Urban Indigenous population and our Treaty and Traditional territory partners”. 

For the City’s parks, environment and forestry services, proposals aim to grow the size of City parks; the development of a new marina and waterfront parkland in Port Credit; searching for opportunities to expand, protect and restore natural areas and urban forest and expansion of existing public sport facilities including soccer, pickleball, skateboarding, tennis, volleyball and mountain biking.

Mississauga Fire Services plans to focus on the expansion of education programs; analyzing existing infrastructure to ensure it can support the growth in areas like Lakeview; improve the department’s proactive inspection program in areas where data show there is a high risk; create a risk reduction plan for high rise buildings; and improve response time to align with national standards.

Councillors will also hear from Mississauga Libraries which plans to redevelop or expand the Lakeview Library to prepare for the growth in the area; replace the Cooksville Library with a new location; expand and diversify existing collections and technological offerings and increase the awareness of existing services offered by Mississauga Library throughout the community. 


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