Mississauga slams provincial housing report; Brampton councillors call for sweeping audit work following City Hall turmoil 
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Mississauga slams provincial housing report; Brampton councillors call for sweeping audit work following City Hall turmoil 

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City Council

Date: March 2 | Delegate | Full agenda | Watch live


Alternative voting methods to cost Brampton $372,050 for municipal election

Ahead of the 2022 municipal election, Brampton councillors will consider making voting more convenient for its residents.

On Wednesday, city council will consider adding a special mail-in voting program—as an alternative to traditional voting mechanisms—which, if approved, will require an additional $372,050 for implementation.

The special mail-in ballots will help if another COVID-19 variant causes a case surge and public restrictions are imposed in the future; offer flexibility to people unable to vote in person because of illness, injury or disability and supersede the home voting service council approved in November last year.


The staff report titled 2022 Municipal Election – Alternative Voting Methods Update can be read here.


Council to consider enhanced audit work

Following months of turmoil at Brampton City Hall, a motion from Councillor Jeff Bowman is looking to have the interim CAO Paul Morrison identify departments that require auditing, with special attention to be paid to the Purchase Bylaw and policy. 


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Closed Session:

Council members will meet behind closed doors for a long list of agenda items including matters from five previous closed sessions. Other items on the agenda include personal matters about an identifiable individual; “Litigation or potential litigation, including matters before administrative tribunals, affecting the municipality; and advice that is subject to solicitor-client privilege, including communications necessary for that purpose” and “a proposed or pending acquisition or disposition of land by the municipality or local board.”



Council Meeting

Date: March 2 | Delegate | Full agenda | Watch live


Mississauga condemns recommendations in Ontario Housing Affordability Task Force report

Mississauga staff says many of the 55 recommendations included in the Ontario Housing Affordability Task Force report will not contribute to improved housing affordability in the city.

Staff state the Task Force has provided no evidence to support  many of its recommendations and has concerns that some of the recommendations may strip Council of decision making powers, limit community engagement, change design standards, impact quality of life and livability for residents and reduce revenues generated by development related charges.


Ontario Housing Affordability Task Force report can be accessed here and the Mississauga staff report can be found here.


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Government Relations Committee

Date: March 3 | Delegate | Full agenda | Watch live


Peel’s advocacy strategy before the June Provincial Election

Regional staff are sharing tactics aimed at raising awareness of Peel’s priorities and advocacy themes before the upcoming provincial election scheduled for June 2, 2022. The report will highlight key areas the Region hopes will get attention from the next provincial government.


The 2022 Provincial Election Strategy report can be read here.


Audit and Risk Committee

Date: Mar 3 | Delegate | Full agenda | Watch live


Climate change risks to the movement of goods in Peel

Climate change is impacting goods movement in Peel, as well as the local economy, health, wellbeing and productivity of the workforce. 

A report by regional staff, supported by a study from the Toronto and Region Conservation Authority (TRCA), states extreme precipitation, extreme heat, and freeze/thaw cycles impact transportation related infrastructure like roads, bridges, rail lines, train stations and terminals.

An economic assessment framework developed jointly with the TRCA and the University of Waterloo looks to mitigate climate change concerns around the movement of goods and supply chain disruption in the Great Lakes Basin.


You can read the staff report here and a detailed report here.



Regional Watershed Alliance

Date: March 2 | Delegate | Full agenda | Watch live


Watershed Planning Updates

The Toronto and Region Conservation Authority (TRCA) will provide an update on the status of watershed planning within its jurisdiction, including the development of the Etobicoke Creek Watershed Plan (ECWP), the Humber River Watershed Plan (HRWP) and the setting up a Stakeholder Advisory Committee for implementation of the Carruthers Creek Watershed Plan (CCWP).


The staff report can be read here and HRWP engagement strategy draft report can be read here.


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