100-year-old Lakeview Park School back on the market; Equity advocates continue push to honour late activist; Mississauga urges PCs to fast-track work on its divorce 
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100-year-old Lakeview Park School back on the market; Equity advocates continue push to honour late activist; Mississauga urges PCs to fast-track work on its divorce 

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General Committee

Date: May 31 – 9:30 a.m. | Delegate | Full agenda | Watch live 


Council calls for Province to move with ‘all urgency’ to form Peel transition board 

A motion from Councillor Carolyn Parrish is calling on the PC government to move quickly in forming the transition board that will guide the breakup of the Region of Peel over the next two years. 

The motion also requests “The Transition Board be tasked with making the future employment of the current workforce of the Peel Region a priority regarding job security- separating out known services that will be transferred to the municipalities from others that will likely continue to operate on a shared service basis.”

The full motion can be read here.


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Council requesting meeting with Mississaugas of the Credit First Nation 

Mayor Bonnie Crombie is looking to set up a “council to council” meeting with the Mississaugas of the Credit First Nation. 

According to the motion, the meeting would be a chance to strengthen the relationship between the two groups and a chance to “discuss issues which affect each community”. 

A copy of the motion can be found here


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City Council

Date: May 31 - 9:30 a.m. | Delegate | Full agenda | Watch live 


Staff have serious concerns with PCs' Bill 97

City of Brampton staff are expressing a number of concerns with the most recent swath of changes from the PC government to the way urban planning is mandated in Ontario. The PC’s Bill 97, introduced in April, completely upends the way cities have planned for growth for the last two decades. According to a staff report going before council Wednesday, staff have a number of concerns with the changes to the Provincial Policy Statement currently proposed by the PCs. A number of critical pieces of direction have been removed from the previous planning regime, including the removal of intensification and density targets; targets for affordable housing and rental units; and the removal of language that directs municipalities to prioritize climate action within its urban planning as well as references to the natural heritage system. 

“Given the potential economic, social, and environmental impacts, it is recommended that the Province continue further dialogue with municipal partners like the City of Brampton prior to final approval of the proposed legislative changes. This will result in a more balanced and strategic plan aligned with provincial and municipal outcomes,” the staff report states. 

The staff presentation can be viewed here.

The full staff report can be found here.  


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Physical Planning, Finance and Building Committee

Date: June 1 - 5 p.m. | Delegate | Full agenda | Watch live


Advocates continue push to name Centre for Black Excellence after Kola Iluyomade 

Peel’s Black community felt betrayed last week after the Peel District School Board voted to omit the name of late advocate Kola Iluyomade from the title of the Centre for Black Excellence. A trio of delegates will appear before the committee to urge trustees to reverse course and grandfather Iluyomade’s name into the centre’s moniker. 

After a commitment from the PDSB to honour Iluyomade’s legacy, residents were under the assumption the centre would be named the Kola Iluyomade Centre for Black Excellence. At the last minute, trustees pointed to a policy which prevented them from naming school board’s facilities after individuals. 

Letters from the three advocates looking to speak can be found here:

  1. Paula Hylton

  2. Alton Brooks

  3. Idris Orughu


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Lakeview Park School back on the market 

The historic Lakeview Park School in south Mississauga which turns 100-years-old this year is being placed on the market by the Peel District School Board. 

The school, which has not been operational since 2015, was declared surplus by the board in 2019. 

As required by provincial legislation, the property will be offered to a long list of public institutions before it is placed on the open market. 

The building is listed on the City of Mississauga’s Heritage Registry, but is not designated, despite being the oldest structure in the Lakeview neighbourhood. This means the historic, century-old building, which sheltered residents during the infamous Hurricane Hazel in 1954, could be demolished if handed over to a private development firm. 

A newsletter from Councillor Stephen Dasko from January 2022 explained Habitat for Humanity was attempting to purchase the site to use for affordable housing. 

Read the brief PDSB report here



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